Monday, January 26, 2009


Chris is a model and a musician. He drove in to Downtown Philly from Bethlehem, PA. The plan was to start early and shoot at my friend's furniture gallery and at a vacant residence. The gallery wasn't available and there was a showing at the residence. A friend was stranded and needed a ride so we dropped him off first and went to my studio to shoot. We selected a few outfits to shoot. I set up the lighting while Chris changed into a brown suit. Every thing was ready to go. Chris got into position. I started to shoot and disaster number one! studio lights were on but they wouldn't fire. How frustrating was that? There was a short in my sync cable. I was struggling to hold it in some position that would work. Once I found the right position, Chris suggested taping the cable to the camera body. Eureka!!! It worked! We were ready once again.

Once I start shooting, I'm really looking for good light. It seems I'm always chasing the light. I check the camera settings. I frame the model and take a few shots. After several adjustments, I'm ready to shoot. This prep time gives me and the model a chance to warm up.

Chris was a bit unsure what I wanted and was a bit stiff. I explained what I needed him to do and we got under way. I took my time and worked with him giving him posing suggestions and he really started to relax and go with it.
We had a flow going and disaster number two happened.

I was shooting Chris in my jeans and his black leather jacket. It was going great and I noticed, the battery pack was dying. How crazy was that. I didn't bring extra batteries and once the pack died, we were resigned to pack up and head back to my place. I told Chris we could get some shots there since I shot Zach with my home made set up and I loved how his photos came out.

I hoped Chris wasn't too put off by all of this. I assured him that we would get some great shots! (I crossed my fingers)

We made it back across the city and got set up at my condo. We jumped right into it and Chris was doing his thing. We only had time for one more change and I suggested these white tights and no shirt. I hated the way they fit but it was late . He had to leave. No more changes! So we made the tights work. Chris left. I stayed up that night going through the images and found so many photos I loved.
The Photo Gods smiled on us that day!

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LESTAT said...

Lovely model, lovely images !