Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Zach is without a doubt my favorite model. The very first day I shot him we got some amazing results. Over the past couple of years we have shot on and off. I haven't shot a lot of fashion with him because I have been working on developing a style and technique of shooting that I am comfortable with. I had also drifted a bit, away from fashion design. But now I have a few new orders for garments I have found myself back at the cutting table with new inspirations and new ideas for a new men's collection.

Today I was a bit tired and lacked motivation. I'm just getting over a cold that lasted about 5 days or so. Zach has been here for 2 days but my schedule is pretty hectic. We were at my condo looking at fashions images for inspiration.
It was getting later and later and I just didn't have the energy to go to my studio and shoot. I had my Canon 5D but my lighting kit was at the studio. I felt that we had to shoot something. I didn't know when Zach would be back. I needed a little ingenuity!

I had been rehabbing my condo and don't have any clean walls, so I grabbed 2 sheets of drywall and propped them against the window to create a makeshift wall. I had a two lamp halogen work light that I could use as my primary light and a 4 ft fluorescent tube to use as a fill light. I set it all up and it seemed it would work. We started to shoot. I wanted to do something simple. so we did jeans and no shirt. Zach's hair was on the long side and he was thinking about cutting it off. I love his cheek bones and I styled his hair so we could get some great profiles. I am trying to spend more time directing my models and setting up the shot so I'm shooting less and getting better results. The problem for me is going through a few hundred images to find the perfect one when many are so alike. It's hard for me to delete all the photos that have no promise so I put it off. As a result, I'm am storing thousands of useless images.

We shot for an hour and kept touching up his hair so I wouldn't have to edit stray hairs! I shot 80 frames and stayed up half the night going through them and selecting the ones I liked. I'm pretty pleased to find several good photos in the batch.

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